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18 August 2022

Horizon project PROTECT launches survey on innovation procurement of climate change services

The EU-funded project PROTECT has launched a questionnaire to gather information about the needs and challenges of public procurers in five application domains (Utilities, Green communities, Circular and Bioeconomy, Land use and Marine environment and Civil Security and Protection) and about the innovation legal framework.

The information gathered by the survey will serve to provide procurement, climate services providers, technology development and policy decision-makers, at EU, national, regional, and local levels, with practical recommendations and guidelines to enable and encourage much stronger use of Innovation Procurement for climate action. The survey is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Slovak and can be accessed here.

The overall aim of PROTECT is to support urgent action for climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience that fits the specific and systemic needs of public demand. More specifically, the project strives to enable public authorities from different European regions to collaborate in the preparation of innovation procurement projects that support climate change adaptation and mitigation using Earth Observation technologies and data, fit the specific and systemic needs of public demand.

The deadline for filling in the questionnaire is 30 September.