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11 December 2018

3, 2, 1… Application to the Procura+ Awards, rewarding innovative and sustainable procurements, is open

Public authorities can now submit their candidacies to the 2019 edition of the Procura+ Awards, a major and prestigious recognition of procurements and related initiatives with innovation elements and remarkable economic, environmental and social impacts. The Procura+ Awards is an initiative of ICLEI, in co-operation with the EU-funded Procure2Innovate project. The application period is open until 31st March.

Competence centres in the Procure2Innovate network are encouraging public authorities in their countries to apply for it. Participants in previous editions have highlighted that taking part in the Procura+ Award helped them to benchmark themselves and to gain visibility. For winners, it was a good way to prove their commitment to sustainability and innovation, as well as to earn internal and external recognition.

The awarded public authorities will receive a trophy and have the right to promote themselves with the award title. The rewarded procurement activities will be widely promoted using a wide variety of ICLEI publications and channels. Furthermore, a case study on it will be produced and disseminated in the SP Platform and the PPI Platform. Winners will be granted a free entry and a presentation slot at the next conference organised by ICLEI.

There are three categories of the Procura+ Award: Innovation Procurement of the Year, Sustainable Procurement of the Year and Procurement Initiative of the Year. The winners of the last edition were the City of Rotterdam (Netherlands), for making the city accessible for citizens with special mobility needs; the Government of Flanders (Belgium), for its framework contract for sustainable office supplies, and the City of Barcelona, for implementing a city-wide compulsory sustainable procurement.

For more information on the 2019 Awards, and to download an application form, visit the Procura+ website.