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2 January 2020

The Procure2Innovate competence centres share their New Year's resolutions

2020 has just started and some of the Procure2Innovate competence centres on innovation procurement want to share their New Year’s resolutions. KOINNO, the German competence centre, is striving for an even greater penetration of innovation procurement in the public landscape in Germany through seminars, news services and interesting content through its website.

This year, Enterprise Estonia will be set up as the competence centre on innovation procurement and start offering first services to their audience. The competence centre will start providing legal support and also facilitating the process from a good idea to a good solution.

For this New Year, the PPPI Service Center (Austria) is planning to increase the matchings between public procurers and innovative companies in order to encourage public organisations to buy innovative solutions. Another aim for 2020 is to increase the level of innovation procurement.

For 2020, CDTI, in Spain, will launch open market consultations related to several technological challenges and prepare bids’ specifications. The purpose of CDTI’s PCP Initiative is to expand the range of innovation procurement instruments in Spain, modernise and adapt the services of public administrations to current social challenges and support business innovation.

The National Agency for Public Procurement in Sweden will offer new services on how innovation procurement can be used as a tool to achieve the climate goals. Moreover, it will develop additional support material in specific areas such as bed testing in innovation procurement.

ANI, the Portuguese competence centre, aims at raising awareness on the benefits of innovation procurement amongst practitioners, and engage new people.