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National Agency for Public Procurement

In Sweden, there are two organisations involved in the Procure2Innovate project. The Swedish competence centre on innovation procurement is located at the National Agency for Public Procurement. The agency was established in 2015, but since 2007 several government agencies have been working on innovation procurement.

The aim of the competence centre is to give support to contracting authorities and suppliers on innovation procurement, and in particular, to take steps towards improving competencies in innovation procurement to meet the challenges which society brings. These steps include “procurement which promotes development” where the public procurer requests fresh solutions and asks for suppliers’ ideas of development (not necessarily new on the market, but new for the procurer). Another step is innovation procurement (where the innovation is new on the market and new for the procurer). And a final step concerns purchasing goods and services that are not available on the market – therefore requiring research and development. This can be done using pre-commercial procurement as well as other approaches.

Concerning the second Swedish agency in Sweden’s Procure2Innovate participation, the National Procurement Services (a department within Kammarkollegiet's central government authority) offers central government authorities co-ordinated framework agreements for goods and services of general use. In the area of information and communication technology (ICT), local and regional authorities as well as central government authorities can use these framework agreements. The department aims to focus on innovation because it aims to supply government entities with innovative solutions that increase quality and effectiveness in the public sector.

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The Swedish competence centre offers support to contracting authorities and suppliers on innovation procurement. On our web site you can find guidance, examples of innovation procurement, brochures and films. We also offer workshops, seminars and training. In some cases, we give support to and co-operate with innovation procurement projects.

Johanna Enberg
Innovation Procurement Strategist, National Agency for Public Procurement