Procurement of Innovation platform


National Innovation Agency

In Portugal, the National Innovation Agency (ANI) will be the country’s competence centre for innovation procurement.

A nascent innovation procurement hub in Portugal, ANI is nevertheless already well established as an agency which supports research and development in companies, technology transfer, technological innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship. In essence, ANI is a platform that reflects a growing alignment between science and economy not only in Portugal but across the European Union.

As part of the Procure2Innovate project, Portugal’s ANI will look to build on this platform and exchange fully with a truly European, and innovative, network.

Portuguese Competence Centre website: Under construction

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In the life of a procurer, innovation procurement requires robust instruments to support it. A competence centre is an ideal, flexible instrument to address issues and barriers. From the outset, the Procure2Innovate project and partnership has been a smart, practical means for ANI to benefit from the experience and knowledge of existing models operating in Europe.

Luis Ferreira
Technical-scientific Assessor, Board of Directors, ANI