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4 January 2021

Happy New Year! What are the Procure2Innovate competence centres planning for 2021?

2021 has just kicked off and the Procure2Innovate Network has a lot of resolutions and plans for the year ahead. Curious about them?

KOINNO's goal in 2021 is to be more than ever a support for our public procurers in Germany in a world that has changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of further online tools and seminars, white papers and (digital) events, the German competence centre for innovation procurement want to ensure that innovative public procurement continues to gain in relevance. For this New Year, the PPPI Service Center (Austria) is planning to redesign the matching service between public procurers and innovative companies in order to initiate more innovation procurement tenders. Another aim for 2021 is to improve the service for innovative companies.

CONSIP, the Italian partner, aims to support Italian public administrations in seizing all the opportunities represented by the procurement of innovation to face the challenges deriving from climate change and the management of the post-pandemic phase to support the investments of the companies that have the best economic and  environmental performances and the best effects for society. For 2021, the Ministry of Development and Investments (Greece) is planning to establish more collaborations of the Competence Centre for Innovation Procurement with public authorities, economic operators and the research and academic community in Greece, in order to encourage public organisations to buy innovative solutions.

This New Year, the Dutch competence centre PIANOo will inspire public authorities to utilise the innovation potential of the market. For example, regarding innovation procurement in the construction and infrastructure industry. Next to recent topics such as digital innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence). PIANOo will strive to publish more showcase examples and disseminate lessons learnt.

In Estonia, they will continue to preach about the benefits of innovation procurement and, in addition, will offer fast and easy grant up to 45,000 euros to public procurers to gather ideas that may solve their challenges. It will help bring together public buyers and private entities so the best discussion about different possibilities could be held and best solutions could be found.

PTI is resolved to continue developing training, education and skillsets to deliver innovation and sustainable procurement in the public sector.  Having recently developed and delivered the award winning Public Procurement and Supply Chain Excellence post graduate certificate and diploma courses to over 60 public procurers, the PTI will continue to engage with public and private entities to help develop the necessary communication networks and methodologies to deliver its goals. In 2021 the Irish competence centre will build on this work and continue to collaborate with our European and international partners to share knowledge, opportunities and best practice.