Procurement of Innovation platform



Innovation procurement in Italy is set to receive a boost from its soon-to-be-established competence centre Consip; already a public joint stock company held by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. A well-established company based in Rome, Consip’s involvement in Procure2Innovate will ensure that Italy will strengthen its international network on innovation procurement, professionalise its consulting services and explore the use of financial incentive schemes.

Consip primarily undertakes consulting and assistance in procuring goods and services for public administrations. In fact, the company is especially active as a central purchasing body. Other activities for Consip include managing complex and innovative projects in the sphere of public administration and supporting individual public administrations throughout procurement processes.

 Italian Competence centre website:

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Within the Procure2innovate project, Consip is the designated Italian competence centre for innovation procurement, thanks to the experience gained as a national central purchasing body. Consip contributes to the creation of the Italian Digital Agenda, along with with the Digital Italy Agency, carrying out central purchasing activities related to the Public Connectivity System as well as the telematic networks and international networks of public administrations.

Lidia Capparelli
Responsible for Green Procurement, Consip