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23 April 2021

Final Report - Benchmarking of innovation procurement investments and policy frameworks across Europe

Want to know how much the public sector in your country invests in adopting innovations and in which sectors they invest most? Keen to find out if your country has an action plan, target, financial incentives and a competence center for innovation procurement? You can now see the results of the EU wide benchmarking of national policy frameworks and investments on innovation procurement across Europe. Download the report here

Study SMART 016/0040 benchmarked the national policy frameworks for innovation procurement and the national investments on public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) across Europe. This includes an analysis of investments across different sectors of public interest (e.g. health, transport, security etc.) and strategic expenditure categories, in particular ICT, that fuel public sector modernization. The EC has added also the benchmarking for R&D procurement investments across Europe to get the full picture of 'all' innovation procurement investments (R&D+PPI procurement).

More information can be found here