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1 July 2019

Two new challenges for innovative suppliers announced by the PPPI Service Center

The Austrian Competence Centre currently has two calls open to challenge innovative suppliers within and beyond their country borders. The first one has to do with e-charging infrastructure for Lower Austria. With the purpose of increasing the number and use of electric vehicles, the region needs the appropriate charging infrastructure. The challenge is how to provide a comprehensive e-charging infrastructure in the public space that is applicable for municipalities regardless of their size and structure. The deadline to submit ideas is the 5th July.

The second challenge is set by the Austrian Patent Office who is currently looking for an upgrade for their chatbot “Albert”, helping customers and interested citizens via a website and a Facebook page by answering questions about brands, patents, fees, funding and seminar. The main issue is that the chatbot cannot process natural language or form full sentences on his own. This is why they are looking for solutions to help “Albert” to learn to process natural language, as well as become more intelligent and user-friendly. The other problem that needs to be fixed is related to adding new information or content to the database. The deadline for this challenge is the 9th July.

All the information can be found in the website of the PPPI Service Center.