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14 August 2019

Procura+ Awards finalists unveiled

The jury of the 2019 Procura+ Awards has just revealed the eight finalists of this edition. The Municipality of Frederiksberg and the City of Helsinki will contest for the ‘Innovation Procurement of the Year’ Award. Frederiksberg needed to reduce the load on its existing drain network and used an innovation partnership to develop customised solutions for cloudburst management, whereas the City of Helsinki presented its sustainable innovation for a retro stadium upgrade.  The ‘Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT’ Award will go to either the City of Helsinki for robotisation and automation of library services or CERN for its open cloud data storage innovation through pre-commercial procurement.

For the category ‘Sustainable Procurement of the Year’, the Government of Catalonia with its sustainable framework contract for cleaning services will compete with the City of Ghent for its work in partnership with suppliers for responsible workwear.

Finally, the City of Zurich and IHOBE are competing for ‘Procurement Initiative of the Year’. The Swiss city applied with its initiative to use recycled concrete in buildings. IHOBE grabbed the interest of the jury with its deployment of a green purchasing programme among the Basque public sector.

The Procura+ Awards ceremony will take place on September 24 at the Nordic Edge Expo, when the finalists will find out if they have won in their categories.

The Procura+ Awards is an initiative of ICLEI Europe, with support from the EU-funded Procure2Innovate project.

For more information on the 2019 awards, visit the Procura+ Awards webpage.