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16 May 2019

E-learning course for implementing innovation procurement offered by KOINNO

KOINNO, the German competence centre for innovation procurement and a partner of the Procure2Innovate Network, has now released an e-learning course for public procurers to increase their understanding of, as well as to start applying innovation procurement. This course is free of charge and is divided in four modules. It contains videos and graphics to make the information more visual.

The content focuses both on the purchase of innovative goods and services, as well as on innovative instruments and methods in the procurement process, both part of innovation procurement. The four modules of the course are:

- Introduction to public procurement

- Public procurement of innovation

- Elements for an innovation procurement process

- Methods and instruments to obtain innovations

People joining the course can also take a final test, after which a certificate will be granted. This course addresses procurers working in public administrations and institutions interested in starting an innovation procurement process, decision-makers and other stakeholders involved in the purchase of products and services. The language of the course is German.

For more information, visit here.