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30 June 2020

Sarastia Oy shorlisted for the Procura+ Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT Award

Sarastia Oy and its project to let algorithms to do paperwork is one of the four shortlisted candidates under the category Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT of the Procura+ Awards, an initiative supported by the Procure2Innovate project.

Sarastia is Finland's largest public sector financial and human resources support service partner and provider of municipal services. About 13 million purchase invoices are handled by Sarastia annually. Having been done completely manually in the past, Sarastia decided to use automation and machine learning to route and post invoices.

During a competitive negotiation procedure, Sarastia provided eligible bidders with data about past 6 months of invoices. Candidates then had to train their algorithms in forecasting the posting volume and routes for the next month. The purchased solution allows for all purchase invoices to be routed and posted automatically and provides forecasts for expected invoices.