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17 November 2020

The Spanish competence centre completes the open market consultation stage on 11 technological challenges

Being one of the objectives of the Spanish competence centre for innovation procurement to boost pre-commercial procurement, CDTI launched a very ambitious initiative called CDTI's Pre-commercial Procurement Initiative, co-funded with ERD funds. This October the Open Market Consultation phase has been completed for a total of 11 technological challenges with their corresponding publication of the conclusion reports.

CDTI's Pre-commercial Procurement Initiative will be carried out by CDTI in collaboration with other Spanish Public Administrations, so that both parties will jointly develop a pre-commercial contracting process for R&D services, in order to solve public needs that cannot be achieved through existing solutions in the market. The objective for CDTI is to buy prototypes/pilots of innovative technologies that meet the technological needs of Spanish administrations. The prototypes / pilots that will be the object of the tender are aimed at improving public services in Spain and incorporating sustainable, innovative technologies that produce a social impact on the quality of life of citizens. Once the prototype is developed, CDTI will assign the prototype to the public user administration so that a proper validation phase can be carried out. 

Through the development of this initiative, CDTI intends to design and implement a pioneering CPP initiative scheme that can be replicated by other national and regional innovation agencies in Europe, complement the current financial instruments available in IP in Spain, modernise and adapt the services of public administrations to current social challenges, and support business innovation.

The Spanish competence centre is working on 11 technological challenges with Spanish public administrations at both state and regional level. The technological challenges cover a wide spectrum of technologies: technologies related to security and defense, information and communication technologies, health, transport, aerospace sector, water sector and climate change. The information contained in the Open Market Consultation conclusions reports will be taken into account in the potential future pre-commercial public procurement bids.

For more information about the challenges, visit here