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19 December 2019

First silver certificate granted by the German competence centre for innovation procurement

KOINNO, the German competence centre for innovation, has awarded the Central Purchasing Department of Hessen Mobil Road and Traffic Management a Silver Certificate for implementing an innovation procurement process. This is the first certificate KOINNO grants to a public body. After Hessen Mobil successfully passed the bronze level, an on-site audit was scheduled this autumn 2019 to review the information provided. The evaluators assessed positively the development of a comprehensive procurement strategy, which took up the topic of “innovation” in different parts.

“The certification gave us the opportunity to reflect better and to compare ourselves with other purchasing agencies (benchmarking). In the on-site audit, for example, we received valuable recommendations for action and advice that contribute to our further development,” explained Andreas Weigmann, Head of Central Purchasing at Hessen Mobile Road and Traffic Management.

Under the KOINNO certification, contracting authorities can be certified in a three-stage programme as an institution implementing innovation procurement: bronze, silver and gold. For more information (in German), check here.