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11 June 2019

Do you need assistance for procuring innovative ICT?

The European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative (eafip) has launched its second call for assistance for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and innovation procurement of ICT solutions, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Big Data and virtual/augmented reality. The deadline to apply is next 13 September.

The call is open to European public procurers interested in receiving free of charge local assistance in the preparation and implementation of their next innovation procurement. The support covers scoping an identified procurement need that can be tackled with innovative solutions, preparing and conducting an EU wide published open market consultation, drafting tendering documents, launching an EU wide published call for tender, and answering questions from potential tenderers at any time during the process, among others. Only PCP and PPI with an approved budget are eligible.

Between 2015 and 2018, eafip has supported 12 public procurers from across the in the start-up and implementation of the innovation procurement.

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