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14 April 2021

New challenge from the Austrian Competence Center: Software solution for data circles

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) supports the development of data-driven and sustainable technologies and solutions through funding and initiatives. In particular, the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) was founded for this purpose. It acts as a mouthpiece for Austria's stakeholders in the field of data economy and data-driven technologies for the BMK. The BMK aims to advance the intelligent use of data and to initiate an ecosystem together with the digital economy.

The simple use and the secure sharing of data by third parties should be made attractive and possible via innovative, decentralized data circles. A data circle is understood to be a concrete exchange of data in a specific area of application: "A data circle consists of several participants, but at least two, and should create added value for all participants. This added value usually comes from a merging of existing datasets and the new analytical results this enables." The main question is now: how can an initial concept of a software solution look like on which organizations can exchange data in data circles?

The challenge:
The volume of data generated is growing year by year. However, many face closed doors when it comes to using data that is not generated in their own company or environment. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action (BMK), responsible for innovation and technology, would like to initiate a system via an IÖB-Challenge for Austria that makes the simple use and secure sharing of data by third parties possible. Companies can participate at the PPPI-Challenge until April 26th.

For more information on the challenge, and how to submit your solution/idea, click here.