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19 August 2021

New P2I expert opinion document: Evaluating the impact of a public procurement competence center

A new P2I expert document, discussing the best ways to evaluate the impact of public procurement competence centers is now available. The document is the result of a knowledge exchange meeting between members of the Procure2Innovate Network that took place in June 2021. The meeting, organised by co-chair PIANOo in collaboration, with Utrecht University aimed to share insights on how to best assess the impact of competence centers.

The paper notes that evaluating competence centres and their impact can help them to work more effectively towards targets, stakeholders, clients and innovation missions. However, defining the right key-performance indicators (KPIs) and conducting qualitative assessments can be a challenge, as there are many different factors that could influence the uptake of innovation procurement.

The paper focuses both on external and internal evaluations of competence centers, aimed at keeping track of their overall development, stakeholder and client satisfaction, the realisation of explicit targets that are set for (programs of) some competence centres, and direct strategies (e.g. education and awareness).

More details can be found in the paper, to be downloaded here.