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10 March 2020

Low water forecast for navigation on the Austrian Danube wanted

Viadonau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH, responsible for the operation of the waterway of the Austrian Danube, is seeking for an early exchange with companies that are able to develop a reliable, multi-day low water forecast and make it available to the operators of the Danube waterway in a customer-oriented manner. The deadline to submit your proposal is next 30th March.

The new low-water forecast is to provide multi-day discharge/water level forecasts for the two navigation-relevant gauges Kienstock (river-km 2015,21) and Wildungsmauer (river-km 1894,72). In direct comparison to the existing forecasts, the forecasts must ultimately be more accurate and reliable, for example, show the least possible deviation between the predicted and the actually observed water levels (of course, this cannot yet be verified in the course of the challenge, but is part of a possible joint project). From autumn 2021 onwards, the improved forecast is to be taken into operational use and published.

International companies are invited to take part in this challenge. All the relevant information can be found in this document. In the application, companies must include details about the objective and expectations of forecast accuracy; methodology/solution approach/data preparation/data management; optimisation of customer perspective; adaptation to changing boundary conditions, and potential hurdles and limitations.