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18 June 2019

Ticket vending machines, the new challenge by the PPPI Service Center

The Austrian Competence Centre has launched two new challenges for companies providing innovative solutions for ticket vending machines. The first one aims at giving an answer to this question “What novel hardware components ensure that ticket vending machines will still be up to date in 2035 (e.g. interfaces to customer devices, receipt and distribution of cash) and what smart security solutions are there to control access for service staff?” and looks into some hardware for the future. The second challenge is about AI and enhanced usability and asks for solutions to this question “What features make ticket vending machines intelligent and offer users new ways to buy their tickets (quickly and securely)?”

The overall goal is to engage market participants prior to the procurement of new vending machines. This will help ÖBB Personenverkehr AG have an overview of possible solutions. Companies participating in the challenge will be on the radar of the public sector, plus the submission will remain visible to other interested parties after the challenges have ended.

The application deadline is the next 10th July. The information for the hardware challenge can be found here, whereas the details of the AI and enhanced usability one can be downloaded here.

To learn more, visit this website