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21 January 2020

The Procure2Innovate Network will be presented at the 11th European Innovation Summit

The 11th European Innovation Summit, taking place in Brussels from 3-6 February, will focus this year's sessions on the topics of 'Digital Transformation', 'Greening' and 'Innovation'. Procure2Innovate will participate in one of the panels of Day 3, under the title 'Creating policy instruments for the support of public procurement of innovation', to present its network of competence centres for innovation procurement. 

Hosted under the auspices of the Member of the European Parliament, Ms Sunčana Glavak, and organisations, Regional Energy Agency North, City of Koprivnica, Sviluppumbria and Be.Funded, the conference will bring together policymakers, national and regional representatives in charge of national/regional policy instruments for support of PPI, EU networks/agencies in the field of innovation procurement, public authorities, representatives of the Prominent MED project partner countries (Portugal, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia) with the aim of supporting the use of public procurement of innovation.

Peter Defranceschi, Head of ICLEI Brussels Office, will explain to attendees what a national competence centre for innovation procurement is and what services they can offer to support more procurers to go for innovation procurement when acquiring ICT products and services. Other policy instruments will be presented during the session.

Registration to this session is open until 27th of January 2020 by e-mail: 

For more information on the Summit and on this conference session, visit here