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8 January 2021

City of Koprivnica refurbishing old Kindergarten building through public procurement of innovation

A good practice example published in the December edition on the GPP News Alert presents recent work carried out in the City of Koprivnica (Croatia). The example presents the City’s Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) process to replace a prefabricated kindergarten building built in 1982 and expanded in 1995. 

The building accommodated about 170 children, had never been renovated, consumed high levels of energy, and was approaching the end of its useful life. The City decided to refurbish the building and maintain as much of the physical structure possible. A market analysis, however, indicated that there was no solution available on the Croatian market for the refurbishment of a prefabricated wooden structure; hence a PPI process was launched. Based on an extensive market engagement process and a needs assessment , the City defined the technical solutions it was looking for in terms of outcome-based specifications. The final impact of the procurement and implemented solution was an improved building with an extended lifetime of 25+ more years.

The excellence of the PPI process was recognised with the Procura+ Award 2020 for "Innovation Procurement of the Year". 

The market dialogue to inform involved market actors in this first of its kind procurement in Croatia to perform a complete reconstruction of a kindergarten building was positively assessed by the jury.

Read full case study here.