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25 June 2019

Workshop to raise awareness of PPI and PCP held in Greece

The Procure2Innovate partner the General Directorate of Public Procurements of the Ministry of Economy and Development, in cooperation with the Institute of Education, hosted a workshop on innovation procurement at the National Centre of Public Administration in Athens on the 14th June. The workshop – titled ‘Tools and Perspectives’- attracted 240 participants from a range of contracting authorities, including ministries, municipalities, universities, research centres and the Greek Parliament.

The workshop aimed to raise awareness and inform participants about the design and implementation of innovation procurement including Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP). The Procure2Innovate project was presented, along with best practices from Greece and other EU countries.

In addition, attendees were asked to complete questionnaires on interest, expectations, risks and resources available for innovation procurement. The results of this questionnaire will provide important information on the development of the Greek innovation procurement competence centre as part of the Procure2Innovate project.

For more information, see the programme (in Greek) and the presentations (Greek and English). A template of the questionnaire can also be found here.