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18 July 2019

New data reveals impacts of Pre-Commercial Procurement

New data from a survey of all the completed PCPs that were funded by EU Framework Program 7 shows now also longer-term impacts on the commercialisation success rate of companies and the modernisation of public services.

Key findings are impacts such as 73,5% of PCP contracts are won by SMEs, opening a route-to-the market for new market players. Another example for impact is that 33,1% of PCP contracts are awarded cross-border, 20 times more than the average in public procurement across Europe (1,7%), which indicates PCP as stimulating cross-border company growth. Also, PCP is reducing the R&D risk for procurers as leaving IPR ownership rights with the vendors reduced the R&D cost and risk for procurers on average with 50%, as companies see wider commercialisation opportunities.

If you are curious about the longer-term impacts on procurers and companies a few years after the procurements have ended or how the impacts of EU funded PCPs compare to the impacts of PCPs that are implemented at the national level, visit here.

Access the full results of the study here.