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22 April 2020

The Austrian Federal Forests authority looks for solutions to innovate its wet storage facilities of timber

How can innovative sensor technology and control systems interact in such a way that the operation of wet storage facilities for the conservation of high-quality sawn round timber can be resource-saving, efficient and largely automated? This is the question that the Austrian Federal Forests authority is asking to suppliers.

The Austrian Federal Forests would like to innovate its wet storage facilities to increase efficiency. The concrete goals are:

  • to keep the downtime in wet storage operation low
  • to optimise the consumption of water
  • to optimise the consumption of electricity or fuel (in the case of pumps driven by aggregates)
  • optimise the workload involved in the daily monitoring/maintenance of wet storage operations

Extensive automation is aimed for. After the experiences in the past operation, the authority has in mind a system with the following components:

  • sensor technology
  • automated and regular data transmission (partly real time)
  • intelligent pump control
  • incident reporting system
  • remote monitoring technology and remote control (from the office)

Ideas can be submitted until 27 April.

Read all information here.