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9 November 2020

Market consultation on people flow data and analytics

The Muntstroom PCP, initiated by the leading Brussels mobility partners (STIB-MIVB (lead), CIRB-CIBG, Brussels Mobility and Parking.Brussels), has launched the market consultation for the first European PCP on people flow data & analytics. The initiative intends to be the launching customer for an integrated end-to-end solution for the outdoor and indoor monitoring of people flow.

Two questionnaires have been drawn up in order to receive feedback from market parties:

  • An Open Market Consultation. This Open Market Consultation (OMC) is part of the PCP-phase 0. It aims to inform and question technology suppliers that are interested in suppling research and development (R&D) services for developing the desired solution. Via this OMC they get the unique opportunity to give feedback on the requirements of the foreseen pre-commercial tender.
  • An Open Client Dialogue. This Open Client Dialogue (OCD) is part of the PCP-phase 0. It aims to inform and question parties interested in the use and re-use of People Flow-data. Therefore, the OCD is targeting, for example, private companies who would like to use the People Flow-data to develop new apps/services for commercial purposes.

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