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12 September 2019

New EU funding for innovation procurements

The Horizon 2020 programme has launched new calls that offer co-financing to public procurers across Europe to implement pre-commercial procurements and public procurements of innovative solutions. The areas for which the funding is available are health, security, energy, transport, satellite and research infrastructures.

These are the calls and their submission deadlines:

PCP actions

Digital health & care: 9 M€ (DTH-14), call deadline 22 April 2020
Integrated care: (BHC-20A), call deadline 7 April 2020
100% renewable energy: 15 M€ (LC-SC3-RES-10), call deadline 26 March 2020
Satellite: 3 M€ (EGNSS-5), call deadline 5 March 2020
Security: 24 M€ (SU-GM02), call deadline 27 August 2020
Research infra: 30 M€ (here the PCP is part of an R&I action), call deadline 17 March 2020

PPI actions

Diagnostics:  (BHC-20B) (indicate budget for BHC-20 A&B together: 25 M€), call deadline 7 April 2020


CSA actions

Security: 7 M€ (SU-GM01), call deadline 27 August 2020
Transport: 1,5 M€ (MG-3-8) and 4 M€ (LC-MG-1-12), call deadline 21 April 2020


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