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17 April 2019

The Procure2Innovate consortium meets in Madrid

Procure2Innovate partners met in Madrid last week to discuss about the progress of the project and the network. Competence centres we paired in the new Buddy Exchange scheme for this year, in which a new competence centre and an existing one get together to share experiences, talk about their services and programmes, and learn from each other. “Buddies” meet at least twice per year and this system aims at supporting the competence centres in their individual needs.

A peer-to-peer exchange session was also part of the agenda. This allowed new competence centres to reflect on their goals, plans and ambitions, and already established competence centres on their current activities.

During the Best Practice Exchange Workshop, some initiatives related to the use of ERDF Funds to support innovation procurement were presented. Also, the Innovation Procurement Brokers project, that brings public buyers and suppliers of innovation together, was introduced in order to establish possible links between the Procure2Innovate Network and the innovation procurement brokerage approaches that will be testes at regional and European level.