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4 June 2019

The PPPI Service Center calls for ideas on their “motorway challenge”

The Austrian Competence Centre has published an open call for ideas giving an answer to this challenge: “What device can help the Austrian motorway operator to remove lost objects from a lane?” This call is open to a wide range of companies, from enterprises building special vehicles or tools for winter road maintenance or agriculture, to companies that build hydraulic and remote-controlled arms from mowing or watering green strips next to roads.

Companies from all around Europe interested in responding to this challenge can visit this site. Although it is stated that a short description of the product or solution should be posted by 3 June, companies can still contact the PPPI Service Center to send their ideas.

The PPPI Service Center has some specifications on the desired solution. For instance, it should reduce the potential danger of employees that have to get out of the vehicle to remove the objects and should increase the speed of the work. The competence centre has also indicated that they want to avoid remote-controlled cranes on flatbed vehicles. Full description can be found here.