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22 September 2020

Suppliers of marketplace / platform for re-use in construction and materials management wanted

The City of Vienna would like to make use of the circular economy model in the city's own construction projects. Therefore, it is currently supporting projects of the Vienna University of Technology that focus on urban metabolism for a resource cadastre. This should indicate when, which resources will be freed up and made available for reuse. However, in the view of the City of Vienna, the resources available from exclusively urban demolition projects are not sufficient to get the resource cycle going. For a sustainable concept, the City wants to take the entire construction industry on a journey to re-use in construction and materials management. By 2050, 80% of building components, materials from demolition buildings, major reconstructions and renovations should be re-used.

To that end, the City of Vienna wants to initiate a new development in the construction industry. For that reason, the Austrian capital is seeking exchange with companies that want to launch and operate a Europe-wide self-sustaining marketplace or platform for re-use in construction and materials management.

In this platform:

  • Players from the construction sector could advertise and sell their relevant services and products
  • Secondary materials that are freed up and requirements could be matched according to spatial and temporal aspects

The full challenge can be read here. The call for proposals is open until next October 27.