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14 April 2021

New challenge from the Austrian Competence Center: Public transport in Vienna - Improving safety and security with innovation

With over a million regular customers, Wiener Linien wants its passengers to feel comfortable. Safety and security are therefore a top priority for Vienna's public transport operator and are addressed by many measures: SOS cubes on every platform, voice connections to the driver's cabin, more than 100 security and service staff, campaigns for civil courage, prevention measures, etc. However, the organisation is constantly striving to improve its safety and security concept for stations, underground, buses and trams. It is now looking for innovative solutions which can contribute to a high level of passenger safety and increase the overall feeling of safety.

The challenge:
Public transport plays an important role in tackling the climate crisis. In order to have an even better chance of beating individual transportation in the future, Wiener Linien is scouring the market for new products. The goal: to increase the feeling of safety. If your product can do this and is still largely unknown to public transport operators: submit it by May 3!

For more information on the challenge and how to submit your solution/idea, click here