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8 February 2019

Rotterdam, winner of the 2018 Procura+ Innovation Procurement of the Year award

Making the city accessible to citizens with special mobility needs was the initiative that led the City of Rotterdam to win the Procura+ Innovation Procurement of the Year award. This category recognises the outstanding innovation of the procurement and the public authority as a launch customer.

Every day, around 30,000 citizens with special needs make use of transportation services in Rotterdam. In total, this adds up to around six million traveller kilometres per year, with an annual procurement value of around €31 million. Different modified transport services are required for different target groups, and in the past, this led to fragmented and sometimes insufficient services. As such, towards the end of 2013, the City of Rotterdam decided to integrate all its modified transport services. By performing a joint procurement with integrated route coordination, the city aimed to improve service quality while reducing costs.

Rotterdam undertook a comprehensive customer-focused research to uncover the unmet needs and customer journeys that called for multidisciplinary solutions. The city used an innovative Forward Commitment Procurement procedure, with a competitive dialogue process that included representatives from end-user groups giving direct feedback. The winning contractor is a consortium of various market parties that is now implementing a user-centred transportation service with mechanisms for constant improvement.

You can read the full case study here.