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1 September 2020

Austria looks for technologies to reduce noise pollution

ASFINAG, Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft, in Austria, is looking for acoustic, vibration or other technology solutions to be used for noise control measures on motorways.

Austria is among the leaders both in terms of protective measures and threshold values (60 decibels during the day, 50 decibels at night). Prevalent measures of active noise protection are walls, dams or embankments as well as passive noise protection through appropriate doors and windows for neighbouring residents. All noise protection walls of ASFINAG, if placed one next to the other, would have a length of about 1,400 kilometres. The existing measures will be continued and, if necessary, strengthened. ASFINAG endeavours to find satisfactory solutions for those affected by supplementary measures.

This challenge is aimed to involve companies with concrete offers or competencies for the development of innovative technology to reduce noise pollution. Based on previous experience and parallel projects, the following solutions are not of interest for this challenge: Planting or simple improvement of noise barriers with regard to their construction, material, etc.

Companies interested in this challenge, can read the full description here. The deadline to submit a proposal is next September, 28.

For more information on this challenge, visit here