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7 July 2020

BIG (Austria) shortlisted for the Procura+ Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT Award

The Austrian federal real estate agency (BIG) is one of the four shortlisted candidates under the category Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT of the Procura+ Awards - an initiative supported by the Procure2Innovate project - thanks to its ICT solutions for smart and efficient building management.

BIG owns and manages more than 2,200 properties across Austria, with over 500,000 using the buildings every day. The buildings include public buildings such as schools and universities. BIG wanted to improve use efficiency of the building and the user experience with the help of a facility management app that would allow users to book rooms, thereby increase occupancy efficiency, and at the same time allow for smart heating/lighting management. The app was also required to include information on public transport services, routing through large buildings, and canteen menus.

BIG opted for an innovation partnership because the required solution was not available on the market. Two companies entered the partnership with BIG and are currently developing a solution, which by the end of the process will also be made available to third parties