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30 March 2021

Procura+ Awards 2021: Deadline extended

The deadline for applications to the Procura+ Awards has been extended until 30 April 2021. Public authorities have now one month longer to prepare an application in all four categories - Sustainable Procurement, Innovation Procurement and Procurement Initiative of the Year, as well as Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT.

Hosted by Procura+ network coordinators ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability in cooperation with the Procure2Innovate project, the competition rewards sustainable and innovative public procurements leading to significant improvements of public good, services, process and infrastructure.

The awarded public authorities will receive an unique trophy and have the right to promote themselves with the award title. The rewarded procurement activities will be widely endorsed using a wide variety of ICLEI publications and channels. Furthermore, a case study on it will be produced and disseminated on the Sustainable Procurement Platform and the Innovation Procurement Platform. Winners will be granted free entry and a presentation slot at the next conference organised by ICLEI.

Read about the 2020 Procura+ Award winners here.

To apply, click here.