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13 February 2020

Are you a supplier of innovative and intelligent tools to collect information in IT systems?

ASFINAG, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) and Vienna Transport, amongst orther institutions, will be the jurors of a new challenge to international suppliers: tools designed to help employees in local authorities governments, ministries, outsourced companies and state administrations to find information in their IT systems, support them in using their IT systems properly or to ensure that the knowledge of employees who are retiring is preserved. In brief, innovative and intelligent tools that help to collect and pass on relevant information and to find it when needed.

All the requirements are specified in the document the PPPI Service Center, the Austrian competence centre for innovation procurement, has published in their challenge platform. Tools should be built on current, existing systems and should be able to process the knowledge stored in them. One key issue is to focus on tools for which the added value can be demonstrated to a wide range of users without IT expertise and which support the knowledge management systems of public organisations.

For more information visit here or download this document (in English).