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30 January 2020

The City of Graz challenges suppliers for solutions combining openness and security

How can the balancing act between openness and security requirements be achieved in Graz City Hall, in Austria, with the support of innovative technology? If you have an answer to this question, this challenge is for you.

The City of Graz is looking for innovative ideas that allow congestion-free permeability for guests to the City Hall building combined with increased security in the building. Solutions need to integrate certain considerations such as the fact that as barrier-free entrances, two lifts (without employee chip) must also remain usable; that due to historical building fabric, construction measures are only possible to a limited extent, and that people who work in the City Hall facilities should be interrupted as little as possible.

The city of Graz hopes for innovative solutions in order to harmonize the goals and key data. This can mean a high degree of automation or solutions that are discreet but efficient. This can also involve the use of algorithms or artificial intelligence and the integration of different systems or safety networks.

Submit your ideas! By participating in the Challenge, you will be on the radar of the public sector. Even after the challenge has ended, your submission will remain visible to other interested parties as your virtual business card.

For more information visit here (in Germany) or download this document (in English)