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22 June 2020

Feedback from procurers, AI suppliers and climate change experts wanted

The AI4Cities project is collecting feedback from procurers and organisations interested in acquiring AI-based solutions to accelerate climate neutrality, as well as from AI suppliers and climate change experts. The objective is to refine the request for tenders to be launched in December (tentative date), for a pre-commercial procurement on AI-based solutions for the mobility and the energy sectors.

Suppliers are invited to fill in this survey until July 15. The input from suppliers is crucial to the AI4Cities consortium in the development of the project. Their input will also contribute to the variety of selection and award criteria.

Procurers are welcome to respond to this survey, keeping the keep the common challenge of the AI4Cities pre-commercial procurement in mind: the design, development and testing of solutions to reduce CO2 emission and utilise AI as a part of it.

AI4Cities is a three-year EU-funded project bringing together leading European cities looking for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate carbon neutrality. Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Paris Region (France), Stavanger  (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia) are the six European cities and regions that want to ask suppliers to provide with AI solutions for mobility and energy challenges, that will ultimately contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and meet their climate commitments.