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26 November 2018

Share your feedback on Benchmarking Innovation Procurement

The draft results of the Benchmarking of National Policy Frameworks for innovation procurement across the 28 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland are out. Now, a consultation survey aimed at collecting feedback on the document, as well as additional details about ongoing innovation procurement policy initiatives is open. Members of the procurement community and interested stakeholders can send their comments until 15 January 2019.

The benchmarking exercise is led by the European Commission following recommendations from the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) to create an EU-wide measurement framework for innovation procurement, and an EU knowledge sharing service to exchange experiences. The exercise is done across all 28 European Member States plus Norway and Switzerland with expenditure measurement across different sectors of public interest (e.g. health, transport, security etc.) and strategic expenditure categories, such as ICT. 

Each of the 30 countries has a factsheet with a short introduction on the governance and legal framework for public procurement in the country, the overall result of the policy benchmarking for the country, and the score and evidence collected on 10 indicators for the country, which enable to benchmark the country’s performance compared to the rest.

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