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21 December 2020

New challenge by the Austrian competence centre: producing electricity with noise barriers

The current government's programme in Austria aims to increase photovoltaic generation capacity in the country. ASFINAG has already tested innovations regarding this topic in the past (for example: the solar flower) and is now consistently pursuing this path. In order to avoid new surface sealing, a research project is currently testing the use of existing horizontal surfaces by partially covering the roadway with PV modules. This could possibly produce other positive effects.

ASFINAG would like to be able to use the noise protection infrastructure for energy generation and contribute to CO2 reduction by offsetting polluted energy production. To achieve this, ASFINAG and potential suppliers must reconcile two goals in new facilities: the best possible noise protection and the best possible energy efficiency.

The main question this challenge would like to face suppliers with is "What is the best way to combine or integrate noise barriers and PV modules for highway use?"

Potential suppliers can submit their ideas until next January 25th.

For all details, read here