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procura+ awards 2020

The Procura+ Awards winners have been announced in all four categories: Innovation Procurement of the year, Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT, Sustainable Procurement of the Year, and Procurement Initiative of the year. Check more information about the shorlisted procurements and the finalists here.


Innovation Procurement of the Year

Recognising outstanding innovation of the procurement and the public authority as a launch customer.
Winner: Koprivnica, Croatia, for their innovation partnership for selective demolition
Runner-up: Malmö, Sweden: Innovation ICT procurement to promote sustainable and fair supply chains






Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT

Recognising the outstanding application of Procurement of Innovation and Pre-commercial procurement of ICT.
Winner: BIG, Austria, for developing ICT solutions for smart and efficient building management
Runner-up: FABULOS project. PCP for on-demand driverless public transport




Sustainable Procurement of the Year

Recognising the outstanding environmental, social and economic impacts of the procurement.
Winner: KAMP C, Belgium, for aiming for the sky in circular construction
Runner-up: Brittany Region, France, for creating a local circular economy in construction and demolition


Procurement Initiative of the Year

Recognising outstanding processes and actions towards strategic, sustainable and innovation procurement.
Winner: Haarlem, the Netherlands, for a cooperative approach to supplier management to achieve a circular and sustainable city
Runner-up: BBG, Austria, for combining innovation and sustainability competence centres to bring procurement to the next level



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