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23 January 2019

Identification of target groups and personas helps competence centres to define their future services

Competence Centres part of the Procure2Innovate Network have worked together to identify a set of personas interested in the services they offer. Four main groups have been defined: need-owners, providers and companies, policymakers, and procurement officials, being the first two groups the direct customers of Competence Centres.

Need-owners are the stakeholders kick-starting innovation procurement. The average persona is risk averse and reluctant to change, and might be concerned about not having enough time and budget resources. Competence centres can help them by generating a “safe” environment to interact with providers and guide them throughout the process. In the case of companies, willingness to provide products and services for the government’s changing needs is a key factor for the success of innovation procurement. The average company may have no special interest in selling their goods or services to governments. Competence Centres can help to increase their interest by providing them with real-time information on the different stages of the innovation procurement, enabling mechanisms to harness knowledge from companies with previous experience in public procurement and developing joint procurement initiatives.

Policymakers, although not considered direct customers, can demand services for need-owners and companies. They are also important in terms of shaping the political support and the instruments to foster innovation. So, the Competence Centres in the Procure2Innovate Network plan to address them to contribute to the overall strategic dimension. Procurers are key to support need-owners engaging in innovation procurement.

The stakeholder mapping and characterisation of person has been a fundamental exercise for Competence Centres to decide what activities and services to offer in the coming months to enhance innovation procurement.