Procurement of Innovation platform


Challenges in Sustainable Public Procurements International Conference | Müpa Budapest (Hungary), 5-6 June 2019

The conference will cover the following issues:

  •     Public procurement serving sustainability and innovation
  •     Green and innovative solutions
  •     The challenges of innovative procurements
  •     Public procurement remedies and efficiency
  •     Strategic aspests in public procurements

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8th Summer Academy Public Procurement 2019 | Berlin (Germany), 17-19 June 2019

The Summer Academy is an intensive training in the field of public procurement for international, European and national authorities. The event aims at enabling participants to gain strong knowledge on different areas of procurement, i.e. how to handle award and selection criteria and how to deal with the challenges of framework agreements and learn how to handle dispute resolutions. Experts will also provide advice on how to use technology during every step of the procurement process.

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4th Global Procurement Conference | Villa Mondragone, 8-9 July 2019

The goal of the Global Procurement Conference is to raise awareness for the planetary implications of joint decisions regarding what is purchased, how and for whom in the public domain.

The topics of this year's conference include:
- Infrastrucure Implementation Risk Management
- Pre-Qualification
- Financial and Business Analysis (What are we measuring?)
- Transparency Consideration using Meat Criteria
- Adjudication as a Dispute Resolution in the context of FIDIC requirements
- Sanctions Effects on Procurement

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European Public Procurement | Brussels (Belgium), October 2019

The latest developments in public procurement law. Learn from leading experts, regulators and government officials from across Europe. Two days of in-depth procurement discussion on a sectoral, national, and supranational scale. What is next for European public procurement?

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